K-2 learning is the byproduct of having fun with Puzzlets


Don’t worry about introducing your K-2 students to coding. With the coding tool, Puzzlets, students opt into learning without even realizing it. Puzzlets is built upon 21st Century Skills and Habits of the Mind. In fact, Puzzlets is the only hands-on gaming system included in CSforAll. Watch the below video to learn more.

step 1

watch “What is Puzzlets?” video

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get classroom guide

Get the free Innovative Thinking Guide PDF based on 21st Century Skills and Habits of the Mind. Use it as a framework for discussion and questions to ask your students.

See Puzzlets in the Classroom

Whether being used in class-wide setting or in small groups, Puzzlets unique approach to teaching abstract concepts engages the youngest students.

In the video below, see how students at Fox Chapel’s O’Hara Elementary react to learning with Puzzlets and Cork the Volcano in the school’s “Digital Dream Studio.”

Curriculum & Lesson Plans

No matter how exceptional an educational technology product may be, it can’t engage a classroom if it’s relegated to sitting on a shelf. At Digital Dream Labs, we understand the challenges that educators face when implementing new classroom technology and have teamed with leading digital literacy instructors to develop lesson plans and effective implementation guides.

Classroom Implementation

Read implementation guides that address topics like: classroom organization, device management, and trouble-shooting connection issues on our Classroom Implementation Guide.

Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Prepare for each class with detailed lesson plans, complimentary worksheets, and assessments. Download our 8-Week Coding Curriculum.

Station Rotation Guide

A quick guide highlighting a few different tools that can be used together to introduce computational thinking in your classroom. Download our Station Rotation Guide.

Education Blog

Curated content for teachers covering everything from classroom management to tips for writing a grant proposal.

Standards Alignment

Know how each of the games aligns with the standards (Common Core, ISTE, P-21 Framework) to which your school district adheres. Download the Standards Alignment Guide for Cork the Volcano.

Do I Have a Compatible Device?

Most wireless iOS and Android devices purchased from 2014 onward are compatible as well as newer Mac computers. Note: Chromebook and Kindle Fire devices are not compatible.
Full Compatibility Guide

Discounted Educational Bundles Include All Materials

We offer 10% educational discounts and free shipping for educators interested in bringing Puzzlets into their classrooms. When you purchase an educational bundle, you receive the following items (click on each to download a sample for review):

More Games for 2017/18 School Year

After students have mastered coding principals in Cork the Volcano, there are two more games debuting next school year.

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