games promoting STEAM innovation


STEAM programs are all about teaching an innovative mindset. Children need to think critically (science and math), creatively (art and design), and to then join the critical and creative to solve real-world problems (engineering)Puzzlets triggers a child’s natural curiosity, allowing for better understanding of the world around them, while preparing them for success in an increasingly technology-driven future.

Cork the Volcano Title Screen

Cork the Volcano

CODING (K-2, Out Now)

Cork the Volcano is platformer-style game designed to build coding confidence and encourage kids to think like a programmer.


Abacus Finch Title Screen

Abacus Finch

MATH (K-2, Coming 2017)

Abacus Finch is a platformer-style game designed around sequencing, composition & decomposition of numbers 1-20.


Abacus Finch Title Screen

Swatch Out!

ART (K-2, Coming 2017)

Swatch Out! is an arcade-style game designed around the fundamental elements of color theory: warm, cools, tints, & shades.