Cultivating the Maker Mindset

Matt Eversole Education

shifting the conversation

The maker movement has taken root, and has become a catalyzing force of innovation and discovery for our youth. Working on projects that we care about provides intrinsic motivation and perseverance, and helps build confidence through experience. Despite knowledge of all the positive outcomes of projects where physical artifacts are made, we still struggle with cultivating a maker mindset that morphs into a lifelong learner. Join us in a discussion of cultivating the maker mindset, and shifting the conversation away from what tools do we buy?

additional resources

The following are links to resources described during the webinar:
3D Printers —
Products: Printrbot, MakerBot
Resources: AutoDesk 123D, Kathy Schlock’s Guide to 3D Printing
Laser Cutters —
Products: Trotec Laser Cutters
Resources: iyWare
Makerspace Resources —
Resources: EdSurge, TechShop, Instructables, Thingiverse, PBS Kids – Design Squad

Have a question or comment about anything we discussed during the webinar? Do you have a favorite resource that you’d like to share? Let’s continue the discussion below.