Establishing Educational Credibility

Matt Eversole Education

focusing on educational engagement

Digital Dream Labs CEO, Jacob Hanchar, discusses how advances in educational technolgy will help American students attain high-paying careers in STEM. The webinar covers why the Digital Dream Labs team focuses on educational validity and some recent Puzzlets announcements, including: the Digital Promise study on the engagement of Puzzlets in the classroom, our Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Award from the National Science Foundation, and a sneak-peek at two upcoming games.

additional resources

The following are links to sited during the webinar:
Digital Promise —
Case Study: Article, Full Report
National Science Foundation —
SBIR Phase I Award: News Release, Award Abstract

Have a question or comment about anything we discussed during the webinar? What topics do you think you’ll be able to teach with 3D Puzzlets? Let’s continue the discussion below.