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Powered by the White House and driven by some of the most innovative minds in technology, Computer Science for All (CSforAll) is an initiative designed to “empower all students from kindergarten through high school to learn computer science.”  Along with that lofty objective, CSforAll also aspires to equip those students with “the computational thinking skills they need to be creators …

Tangible Talks: Puzzlets Podcast

Tangible Talks: Episode 1

Matt Eversole Education, Tangible Talks

looking beyond computational thinking In the first episode of Tangible Talks: the Puzzlets Podcast, we’re speaking with Laura Lamont, an educational consultant from the Appalachian Intermediate Unit. The conversation covers topics ranging from how tangible learning elements can be effective in early childhood education to how Cork the Volcano can be used to augment ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum. Have …

Tactile Brain Gain: Getting Physical

Joe Norden Education

The notion of tactile learning has been flying against cultural headwinds for centuries, since French philosopher Rene Descartes’ dualistic view of mind and body caught on a few hundred years ago. That notion clearly separates the mind from the body as a distinct “thinking entity,” but contemporary cognitive scientists are taking issue with the idea. Their findings are driving a …