Overdrive Strategies

Game Strategies

Defensive Strategies vs Weapons

Medium Range

  • Pulse Carbine / Disintegrator / Chaingun / Punisher - Just stay out of line of fire by often lane changing or maneuver in front of another vehicle as it only hits one target at a time (but just make sure you know the vehicle you're cutting won't fire at you).
  • Vulcan Cannon (NYI) / Flamethrower - Stay out of line of fire as it hits all targets in range.


  • Timed Charge / Flare Bomb / Fuel Bomb (Remote) - Try to pay attention to when opponents drop their Timed Charge (which becomes difficult the more vehicles there are) and try to avoid them as they hit hard the closer you are to their center of proximity. Every deploy has a base energy cost, so use Shield to trick opponents to drop Timed Charges frequently to make it easier to take them down.
  • Depth Charge / Mine (Timed) - A variation of the mine that will detonate after a certain duration elapses, instead of manual detonation from the user. Similar as above, try to pay attention to when the mine is dropped. It is however easier to avoid as the attackers has no control as to when the mine will detonate.
  • Scramble Mine (Remote) - Very dangerous arsenal of the Guardian, any targets hit by the explosion will temporarily drive uncontrollably and will be unable to act. Pay special attention when you hear a mine drop and if it's Guardian who drops it. Using a shield will only reduce the damage you'll take, but unfortunately, you will still get afflicted by the Scramble effect.


Long Range

  • Railgun / Charge Beam / Radiant Beam - Avoid line of fire at all costs. You can take a partially charged hit, but often it’s best to not get hit at all, especially by 1-shotters. Shield is your best defense against this, mitigating a large amount of the damage. For Battle games with 3+ cars, this weapon has a high tendency to score multiple kills, so it may be best to target users of this item to slow down their potentially quicker victory.
  • Plasma Cannon - Avoid line of fire as best as you can. Its range is long, but narrow and has a slight expensive cost and cooldown, so letting the attacker miss as often as possible will reduce the rate at which it can be fired. Again, Shield vehicles greatly reduces the threat of this weapon. Be careful when in proximity of other targets, as direct hits will cause some splash damage.
  • Sonic Beam - Fires similarly as the a Machine Gun, rapidly hitting a target, but has a long, narrow range. Stay out of line of fire as much as possible as it only deals more damage the longer you sustain damage from it. Also like avoiding the Pulse Carbine, you can maneuver in front of another vehicle to let them shield you from the stream of fire.

Area of Effect

  • Electropulse - This fires similarly as a Machine Gun - rapidly hitting 1 target at a time, but fires in a radius around the vehicle, so it is more difficult to avoid in a 1v1 game. When multiple opponents are in play, the best way to avoid fire from this item is stay out of range and try to be closely clumped with other opponents so that attackers will hit them first, as this item can only hit one closest target at a time. You can also render users of this weapon less of a threat when using deployed weapons to damage their energy.
  • EMP / Flare Blast / Anitmatter Pulse / Sonic Blast - Avoid staying in close proximity to the user of this item. If you can stay behind users (or ahead if you're using a Mine-type weapon) while they’re charging this item, you’ll be able to easily take them out. While not as dangerous as Railgun-users, it's still best to disable users of this item in Battle games as this is another item very capable of dealing multiple kills.
  • Power Stomp - Big Bang's very dangerous weapon to come into range with, especially in Race games with 4 players, as this item not only deals area-of-effect damage, but also causes a temporary Scrambler effect. It's best to not get into range, and like the EMP, be far behind (or ahead with a Mine-type weapon) to take them out while they're charging.


Short Range

  • Decimator / Ion Punch - This is a fairly dangerous weapon to come into range with, as only a few rapid shots can take you out. Avoid being in range as best as you can. If an opponent with this weapon is catching up to you slowly, you can surprise them by using a Brake type of item, putting you to their side or even behind them, but most importantly outside of the cone of fire.
  • Back Fire - A weapon for Big Bang that will damage targets from behind when fired. Potentially dangerous if you're trying to pull behind Big Bang. Fortunately, this item can't be fired as rapidly as the Decimator, so you can maneuver out (or ahead) of line of fire before it takes you out.

Strategic use of Support Items

Tractor Beam Item

  • General Tractor Beam - This item is best used to close the distance between you and an opponent, especially even more useful in a Race Game. Be mindful when opponents are approaching from behind while using this. Disable an opponent within 1 second after they get hit by this to earn the Takedown Medal. Note, however, that this item's effect is reduced against vehicles that are under the effects of the Boost item. This also has the opposite effect for vehicles that use the Reverse Drive item by causing them to speed up instead of slow down while they are driving in reverse.
  • Guardian / Big Bang Tractor Beam - The version owned by Guardian and Big Bang have a radial area-of-effect range instead of affecting a vehicle far ahead of you. Unfortunately, this is a much less effective item for Race-type of games if you have to play catch up, though they have other means to accomplish this. The item does work very nicely with a combination of an area-of-effect type of weapon and firing it off in underpasses/intersections. You could also use it in team games where you're trying to slow down pursuers of your King teammate, or trying to align your opponents for your team mate to conveniently score a multi-kill.
  • Gravity Beam (NYI) - The Boson-exclusive Tractor Beam makes a very nice offensive utility, as it forces the affected opponent to be on the same lane as you. An obvious strategy would be to force an opponent to run into the merges on the Bottleneck track. A tricky and risky move would be you can force an opponent to drive in front of another that is bypassing you, or force them into another opponent’s line of fire.

Shield Item

The defensive item that makes the user much more resilient and long-lasting in games by reducing the damage you receive while active. This item is great to use in almost all situations where being disabled will put you at a great disadvantage. Use only when you anticipate you’ll take damage. Does not prevent damage from merges on the Bottleneck Tracks.

Reflective Shield (NYI)

Katal’s defense turned into offense. This item is great at weakening attackers using projectile weapons by further reducing their energy meters during their assault. It’s a deadly defense against vehicles that are Railgun-happy, and thus the only way to get the Reversal Medal.

Brake Item

Can be used defensively and offensively in a Battle Mode by having your vehicle go into a sudden stop and letting other approaching full-speed vehicles bypass you, even surprising Tractor Beamers trying to hunt you down. Can also be used to take down an opponent as they are driving down a long straight-away part of a track (and earn the Steady Aim Medal), but be mindful as the combination of the brake and your weapon will consume your energy quickly. Hardly useful in a Race game.

Reverse Item

Almost similar to the Brake, this can be used to get behind other vehicles. As an addition, it can be used to cause chaos by doing head-on collisions with other vehicles. A risky move would be to try to disable opponents while in reverse mode to earn the Reverse Shot Medal, but be cautious as you’re consuming energy fast in this method and you’re likely going to be within line of fire. Note that if you get hit by the Tractor Beam item while you're driving in reverse, you'll speed up instead of slow down. Like Brake, hardly useful in Race games.

Boost Item

This item is best used on the long straight-away parts of a track. This is a great way to catch up on laps in Race games, and it also counteracts the effects of the Tractor Beam. This item can get you the Boosted Medal if you manage to have it active the longest (by not getting hit, not going off track, and having your energy capacity maximized).

Horn (NYI)

A fun item that has a bit of an offensive utility, as it not only forces the affected opponent to move out of your way, but it also temporarily disables item use. In Battle, you can use this time to temporarily disable item use for the affected vehicle. In Race, you can easily bypass the opponent. In the Bottleneck track, you can force an opponent to drive into the merge, thus rewarding you the Tackle Medal. Be warned, as it has a big energy base cost to use and is difficult to hit fast and frequently lane-shifting vehicles, so find the right opportunity to use it.

Scrambler Item

This item works almost similarly to the Tractor Beam, except it causes wobbly steering, has about a 1-second cooldown, and has radial range. Defensively, it's best to use against multiple opponents that are in close proximity of each other, causing them to possibly collide into each other and obstruct following opponents while you continue to drive ahead, which will especially give you a great advantage in Race Mode - just don't get caught in the chaos yourself! You can hold down the button to prolong the effect to have a bit more control. In Battle, it's a great way to force an opponent who is slowly tailing close to you to drive ahead of you so you can get a shot at it, or just use it on a bunch of opponents you're approaching so you can get a multi-shot. It's also a great way to interrupt any charge-up attacks or Shield-users, just be careful of the former as they will auto-fire their weapon upon getting scrambled.