Feature Friday #14: DDL Puzzlets Knowledge!


Happy Friday! Today we release our fourteenth cloud enhancement. Today we've taught Vector a few things about our educational video games, Puzzlets! These new questions are automatic and you don't need to do anything to activate them--just start using them.

Here are the three questions added this week:
"Hey Vector, question. What is Swatch Out?"
"Hey Vector, question. What is Abacus Finch?"
"Hey Vector, I have a question. What is Cork The Volcano?"

We released version 1.7 of Vector for subscribers and members on July 6th, and up next on our agenda are Escape Pod and OSKR! Behind the scenes, we are working on some projects for Feature Fridays that will expand conversation options beyond what you are able to do with Vector right now. Have a happy weekend!

The Team at Digital Dream Labs