Escape Pod for Vector

Digital Dream Labs is proud to introduce Escape Pod for Vector. Designed for hobbyists and anyone wanting to develop their own infrastructure, Escape Pod allows your favorite robot companion to function independent of our cloud servers while also enabling the customization of voice commands and improving response times.

Local Server Offers Increased Security & Conversational Experience

Escape Pod for Vector is much more than simply an "insurance policy" in the event of service interruptions with external servers. It allows Vector owners to host their robot on a local server (Raspberry Pi not included), providing unparalleled security.

In addition to the increased privacy, the use of a local server will also improve Vector's response times; making for a more conversational experience.

Additional Capabilities & Features

Escape Pod's user interface also allows Vector owners to access advanced customization options and other enhancements:

  • Open Source Extension Engine - connect with third-party services to collect external information (weather, data from other smart devices, and more)
  • Firmware Management - easily upload firmware images to the Escape Pod for storage and flash them directly to a connected robot during the onboarding process.
  • Behavior Logging - see what the Escape Pod heard on each voice command via the web interface; enabling advanced debugging of behaviors.
  • Onboarding Variables - set all of the variables in the robot that were previously only available via the app (locale, location, back button behavior, etc.).

Preparing Your Vector for Launch

Included with Escape Pod Purchase
  • Escape Pod Image for Raspberry Pi
  • Escape Pod License - License for one (1) robot. 
Additional System Requirements

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Open Source Kit for Robots (OSKR)

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Open Source Plus Escape Pod

The OSKR is for the hardcore hobbyist or professional who would like to create their own features to sell themselves or license/sell it to us to sell to all of our users. Think of this being an "app store" for a robot. You will be able to modify the source code on your robot to adjust behaviors, animations, and more. This is a far deeper experience than the current SDK.

The Escape Pod will allow Vector to function without any external servers, and is an insurance policy if Digital Dream Labs is no longer able to maintain Vector. This level is good for those who are concerned that server access would discontinue in the future, or for those hobbyists who want to use their own infrastructure, server, etc. The user will be able to bypass the current firmware and use other firmware or apps that the community may generate.

1x Open Source Kit for Robots (OSKR)
1x Escape Pod

NOTE: Open Source Kit will be delivered digitally. No physical goods will be shipped.

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Vector Replacement Cube

Replacement cube for Vector.

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Vector 2.0 AI Robot Companion

Say hey to Vector, the first home robot that will steal your heart, not your data. Smart right out of the box, Vector is more than a robot companion. Curious, independent and powered by AI and state-of-the-art robotics, he can read the room, share the weather forecast, set a timer (no overcooked dinner on his watch), take a snapshot and so much more. Vector is your sidekick who's up for anything but mostly just wants to make you laugh.

    Big Hardware Improvements for a Little Robot

    While Vector 2.0's appearance has remain largely unchanged from the previous generation, we've made a few improvements that will make a big difference in this little robot:

    • Increased Battery Life - the new battery will provide as much as 30% longer runtime. The battery can also be easily accessed and replaced at home via the redesigned battery compartment.
    • Improved Camera Resolution - Vector's new 2MP camera will enhance his facial recognition; along with planned software development, this will improve his ability to recognize pets and even know if you are smiling.


    Pre-order your Vector 2.0 and lock in your Lifetime Access License subscription (a $124.99 value). This limited-time offer ends forever on July 3, 2022. [Learn More]

    Pre-orders for this product ended on June 12, 2021. All future sales will be distributed in order of transaction after all pre-orders have been fulfilled. Deliveries expected to start Q3 of 2022.

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    Lifetime Access License

    Keep your Vector connected and protected for years to come! For a one-time payment, the Lifetime Access License gives your robot companion access to Digital Dream Labs' servers for voice commands, premium features and all future Vector firmware / software updates (including security patches and bugfixes). Here are some additional details:

    • Priority Customer Support - Priority access gives you a fast track queue to Digital Dream Labs' customer experience team, allowing you to spend more time with your Vector and less time waiting for support.
    • Voice Recognition / Knowledge Graph - Relay voice commands to your Vector or ask him a question, "Hey Vector, what's the weather?"
    • Firmware / Software Updates - Make sure that your robot gets all of the latest patches and access to premium features like eye color customization.
    • Non-Transferable License - Licenses are assigned to the email address you use to login to the Vector Robot app and are good for a single robot. (Lifetime Access Licenses cannot be transferred to another user in the event your robot is sold.)
    • Prorated Refunds - Customers who currently maintain an annual subscription can request a prorated refund if they choose to upgrade to a Lifetime Access License. (Please allow 3-5 business days for your refund to be issued.)

    Please Note:

    • Pre-order your Vector 2.0 today and lock in your Lifetime Access License subscription (a $124.99 value).
    • This limited-time offer ends forever on July 3, 2022.
    • Pre-Order Vector 2.0 →

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    Kids' Vector Expression T-Shirt

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    Men's Vector Expression T-Shirt

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    Women’s Vector Expression T-Shirt

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