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Cork the Volcano

During a vacation gone awry, the great volcano of Pear Island erupts, breaking the ancient golden seal that has imprisoned the evil King Caldera for centuries. Now the king’s minions pour forth, throwing this once peaceful land into chaos. It’s up to Rus, Sydney, and Hippo to gather the golden pieces to reseal the volcano and stop King Kaldera before it’s too late!

Gameplay Overview

Cork the Volcano comes with 22 programming Puzzlets (tiles) that allow for both basic and advanced play.

Beginners should have no problem clearing the game’s early levels with the Left, Right and Jump pieces, but later puzzles will require much more thought and use of Modifier Puzzlets, switching characters, and more. Remember, if a solution doesn’t seem to work, try, try again.
Warning: Choking Hazard for Children Aged 0-3.


The Right Puzzlet will send your character moving to the right of the screen. You get three (3) of these. Use multiple Right Puzzlets in a row to gradually increase your speed!



The Left Puzzlet will send your character moving to the left of the screen. You get three (3) of these. Use multiple Left Puzzlets in a row to gradually increase your speed!



Use the Jump Puzzlet to jump over obstacles, cliffs, and enemies. Each character’s jump height differs to a degree, so be mindful when trying to get through certain puzzles. Oh, and don’t try to jump ON an enemy – you’ll get hurt and have to start over! You get four (4) of these.



If you use a Down Puzzlet while your character is on land, you’ll simply stop, allowing you to adjust your timing and avoid enemies. Using a Down Puzzlet in the air will cut your jump short, and you’ll drop much sooner. Combine a Down Puzzlet with a Plus or Minus Modifier, and you’ll get different results – but only when in the air. Try it out! You get two (2) of these.


Rus the Dinosaur

Rus is the leader of the crew. He’s the biggest of the three, so he can safely stride across tiny gaps and holes without fear of falling through, but he also can’t access a lot of secrets because of it. Rus is great for beginners and can still hold his own on many challenging levels. You only get one (1) Rus Puzzlet.


Hippo the Hedgehog

Hippo is the smallest out of his friends, which makes him ideal for scouting out secret areas and getting through tight spots. However, if you need an animal with excellent speed or jumping ability, he may not be the ‘hog for you. You only get one (1) Hippo Puzzlet.


Sydney the Sloth

Despite being a sloth, Sydney is an amazing athlete. If her speed wasn’t enough, her jumps are the highest out of any character. Careful though! Even though Sydney can travel far distances quickly, she may not be ideal for tight enemy-filled areas. She can also fall through small gaps as well. You only get one (1) Sydney Puzzlet.


Plus (+) Modifier

Combining a Plus Modifier with another move will enhance it’s behavior! Pair a Left/Right with a Plus to make your character run faster! Add a Plus to a Jump for a Super Jump that goes nearly twice as high! Add Plus to a Down and, while in mid-air, you can perform a Sky Dive! However, combining a Plus with different Character Puzzlets will have no effect. You get three (3) Plus Modifier Puzzlets.


Minus (-) Modifier

A Minus Modifier used with a Left/Right will make a character tip-toe. A Minus in combination with a Jump will make your characters do a safe little hop. Couple a Minus with Down and use mid-air to glide! Adding a Minus with Character Puzzlets will have no effect, though. You get two (2) Minus Modifier Puzzlets.


Times (×) 2 Multiplier

Combining this to a move will make that move appear twice in a row in your sequence! Having a Jump combined with a Times Two will behave as if you put two Jump Puzzlets together in a sequence. You only get one (1) Times 2 Multiplier Puzzlet.


Times (×) 3 Multiplier

Using this with another move will triple that action – get three jumps out of one by adding this to a Jump! You only get one (1) Times 3 Multiplier Puzzlet.

Starting & Saving Your Game

When you first start Cork the Volcano, the Title Screen will appear. By tapping/clicking the “PLAY” button, you will bring down the Menu Screen. You will see three empty game files, File A, File B and File C. Tap on a File Button to begin your adventure, or if you have already started a game, tap that File Button to continue playing where you left off. When a file says “Start Your Adventure,” that means there is no save data for that file and selecting it will begin a new game. Files that have save data will display which world you have made it to, the number of levels you have completed, and how many Raindrops you have collected.

To continue your game on your next play, just select the File Button on the Menu Screen that displays your progress. Cork the Volcano allows for three (3) game files to be recorded. If you want to start a new game and all files are full, select the Erase Data Button on the Menu Screen. Doing so will change all File Buttons into Bomb Buttons. Tapping/clicking and holding on the Bomb Button for a few seconds will permanently delete all data and progress for that save data – you cannot get your progress back. Afterward it will become an empty file and you can begin a new game.

Game progress is automatically saved as you play through Cork the Volcano.

Navigating the Map Screen

Throughout your adventure, you’ll come across several different worlds, each with their own levels. You will have to navigate each world’s map screen to make progress and select which levels you want to play. To scroll through the map, tap/click on the screen and slide/drag horizontally to move the map left or right. Tap/click on a level that you want to play.

Overworld Map

This button accesses the Overworld Map screen. Accessing the Overworld Map allows you to play previous worlds and levels you have already completed. You can also access the Menu Screen from here, as well as view your scores for each world you’ve unlocked.

Tutorial Level

There are various Tutorial Levels throughout the game. Complete these lessons to move on to the next level. These levels showcase what the different Puzzlets do and how to use them.

Level (Cleared)

This means you have cleared a Level by grabbing the Golden Puzzle Piece within the Level. A new Pathway or Level should become available to play. Secret Exits do not count for clearing that Level if it does include a Secret Exit.

Level (Unbeaten)

This level has been unlocked and is available to play. You must clear this level to move on.

Level (Undiscovered)

This is a level that is not yet cleared or playable. The type of level, and the exact pathway connecting to the level, will not be revealed until you progress further.


There are three bonus challenges in each Level. If you complete any of these challenges, a marker will appear on that Level when you return to the map. A Blue trophy is awarded for collecting all three Raindrops in that level. A purple trophy is awarded for clearing the Time Challenge goal in that level. A red trophy is awarded for clearing the Commands Challenge goal in that level.

Flame Guard

Sometimes a Flame will be blocking entry to a new level. You will have to put out those fires along the way, so make sure you collect as many Raindrops as possible throughout your quest!

Number of Drops Needed to Play Level

The number displayed in this cloud is the number of Raindrops you’ll need to collect in order to put out the Flame and play the Level.

Total Raindrops Collected

This displays how many total Raindrops you have collected. Collect Raindrops to open up alternate and challenging levels. You will need to collect some Raindrops in order to complete the game.

Character Flag

A flag will appear on every Level once it is completed. The color of the flag will change depending on the character you complete the level with.

The Level Screen

Every world is composed of a set number of levels. Each Level is broken down into three parts: Build Mode, Play Mode, and Level Clear Screen. Depending on the aspect ratio of the device you are playing on, it is important to note that some button locations and appearances may differ from the examples shown.

Build Mode Screen

The first part of gameplay takes place in Build Mode. In this mode, you will be observing the layout of the level on screen, and then placing Puzzlets on your Play Tray in real life to determine a solution to get the character to the goal. When you think you are ready to play, tap/click the screen to enter Play Mode.

Falling off a cliff or touching an enemy will hurt you and cause you to restart. Avoid these at all costs! Also, avoid lava, spikes, fire and anything else that seems like it could be dangerous.

Tap/click the Back Button to return to the Map Screen.

Grab the golden puzzle piece (goal) to clear the level and move on to the next one.

Play Mode Screen

After you have determined a possible solution with your Puzzlets, tap/click on the screen on your device/computer to enter Play Mode. In this mode you will tap/click on the screen to execute each move you have planned for your character.

During Play Mode, the Back Button will disappear and the Reset Button will appear. Tapping the Reset Button will take you back to where you started, and you will re-enter build mode. Changing your Puzzlets sequence will also reset and go back to Build Mode.

The Command Cloud will display your sequence as you tap/click through, displaying up to three commands at a time. It will display your previous command (whatever your character is doing currently), the next command (which will activate as soon as you tap/click again), and the command that follows next.

Trial & Error

Cork the Volcano is all about finding a solution to a problem. In many cases, there will be tough problems or obstacles to overcome. Because of this, you will run into many failures along the way. If your character touches an enemy, lava, spikes, or falls off a cliff, they’ll get hurt and you’ll be sent back to the beginning of the level. You have an unlimited amount of tries and each level has more than one solution, so if you find yourself making mistakes, just keep at it and get creative!

Items & Important Things

You’ll find a lot of interesting things during your visit to Pear Island. As you progress, you’ll notice that more and more things will pop up to alter how you think about solving a puzzle. Learn about each of these items so you can be ready for them when you see them!


Golden Puzzle Piece

The main goal of the game! Collect the golden puzzle piece in a level to clear it and move on!



There are three Raindrops in every level. Collect as many as you can – you’ll need these to put out those pesky Flame Guards on the Map Screen!


The Raindrop Fairy

If you find this fairy’s many secret areas, you will be rewarded with up to 15 Raindrops – only if you are able to catch her first!



Collecting a key will make any key blocks you see on screen disappear! Some levels will feature more than one key, and they can come in a variety of colors!


Key Block

Grabbing a key will make these guys disappear. Key blocks will often be blocking your path to victory.


Character Blocks

If your current character matches the face on the block, it will be solid and you can walk on it. Any other character blocks will be off until you switch characters. Don’t get trapped inside one when they activate though, or you’ll get hurt!


Jelly Blocks

Jelly Blocks will slink in and out of the background on a timed pattern. When they go transparent, you can’t step on them, so watch out – it’s like they’re not even there!



Crumblocks are exactly what their name suggest: blocks that crumble! Walk on these and watch them fall apart beneath you. Be mindful of which crumblocks you destroy if you’re looking to go back in the same direction.


Tap Eye

These eyes appear only in Boss Levels and can be tapped/clicked to destroy them. They can come in a variety of sizes and will sometimes be on the bosses themselves. Be sure to keep an…eye on them.



Frogog is a friendly little froglet that absolutely loves keys – he has quite the growing collection. He’s bound to get you out of some tight spots in your adventure, but he’s just as likely to get in your way.

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