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At Digital Dream Labs, we strongly believe in supporting your technology needs, while also relying on an educational community to ease implementation. Our Teacher Training Portal serves to support your classroom. Consistently in collaboration with educators, if there is anything you’d like more information about or like to add to this page, we’d love to connect.

Puzzlets Checklist

The following checklist has been gathered from experienced educators using Puzzlets in their classrooms:

  • Organize Puzzlets Tiles


    1. Write a number on the back of each Puzzlets tile with a sharpie.
    2. Store the sets of tiles along with the Play Trays in organizational bins or ziplock bags.
    3. Print & laminate a Puzzlets’ Organizer to accompany each Play Tray.


  • Connect Play Trays


    Set Play Tray and Puzzlets tiles out on desks / work stations and connect each Play Tray to a compatible device.

  • Have Fun Learning


    If you’re looking for lesson plans, our course curriculums are a great tool and offer a variety of age-appropriate activities. (Course curriculums are available with the purchase of all educational bundles.)

  • Store Puzzlets Tiles


    Sort the tiles into storage containers according to their number. Use the printable Puzzlets' Organizer to help students maintain complete sets.

  • Close Application


    Quit the application on each connected device. This will stop the Play Tray from maintaining its Bluetooth connection — draining the battery. (Recent updates have introduced a time-out feature which aids in addressing this issue.)

  • Clean Play Trays


    Wipe down Play Trays with baby wipes in order to prevent any diseases from spreading among the students.

  • Charge Play Trays


    Plug your Play Trays into charge over night. (Frequency will vary depending on use.)

We’re always looking for new tips & tricks to share with teachers. Use our Contact Page to let us know how you use Puzzlets in your classroom.