Life With Cozmo

Cozmo is fun right out of the box, but that’s just the beginning. His abilities and skills develop constantly with frequent app updates, to provide new ways to learn and play.

Meet Cozmo

Cozmo's advanced facial recognition software allows him to recognize faces and learn people's names.

Create with Cozmo

With Code Lab, you can access Cozmo’s core functionality and real robotics technology. Use your imagination and create your own content for Cozmo while learning the basics of coding.

Main Games

Cozmo is a game playing machine (literally) who loves to win. Actually, he expects to win. So whether he’s playing with his Power Cubes or challenging you with his favorite games of speed and skill, like Quick Tap, Keepaway, or Memory Match, he’s always ready for Action.

Unlock Mini Games

After you've played the three intro games: Keep Away, Memory Match, and Quick Tap you'll unlock many more mini games. Plus remember, new ones are being added each month!

Tune & Feed

You can monitor Cozmo’s needs by tracking his behavior and helping him out. Is he low on energy? Juice him up with Power Cubes. Does he need a tune-up? Run a diagnostic scan to find out where he needs repairs. Is he bored? Challenge him to a game—and just try to beat him.

Cozmo has needs that must be met to keep him going:

Tune Up Cozmo: Head Adjusted, Lift Calibrated, Head Aligned

Tune Up

Like any fine piece of robotic technology, Cozmo needs the occasional tune up. Keep him in tip-top shape by regularly scanning him with the diagnostic tool and completing tune up activities.


Just like us, Cozmo has to be fed on a regular basis. His “food” is the glowing light energy he draws from his Cubes, like a super cute robotic bee sucking nectar from a flower.

Feed Cozmo: Grab any Cube with circling blue lights; Shake that Cube until all lights glow brightly; Place the Cube where Cozmo can see it, so he can feed himself