Groundshock is an electrical-themed vehicle whose upgrades consist of increasing your energy levels as well as making you much more energy efficient. It owns a good selection of special items and allows maximum equipment slots in that category. Its weapon selection will require you to either be close in range of opponents or have good accuracy with long range shots.


Skull is the marauder vehicle with a weapon and upgrades specializing in precise, long-range shots, with the rest of its upgrades, special items, and weapon types being fairly well-rounded.


Thermo is the flaming speed cannon of the vehicles, having good mobility upgrades, most of the mobility-based special items, and able to wield a variety of weapon types. However, it is one of the least durable Supercars.


Nuke is the nuclear-power vehicle that boasts having all energy upgrades, potentially making it sturdy. They have a good variety of weapon types and can equip many of them at a time. They however are lacking in mobility upgrades and cannot carry many special items at a time.


Guardian is a police force vehicle that is capable of rendering its opponents helpless with its special Scrambler and Scrambler Mine effects. It has a large selection of special items it can use and equip, and has good mobility upgrades. It also has a fair selection of weapon types, but can only hold a couple at a time.


Big Bang

Big Bang is a tank-like vehicle that boasts having all the strongest weapon upgrades for all of its weapon types it can use, as well as being one of the most durable vehicles. It owns the dangerous Power Stomp, which will damage and leave any opponents driving helplessly when struck by it.