How Are 20 Thousand Schools Teaching Kids Virtually
While Having A Ton Of Fun?

The #1 Video Games That Teach Coding, Math, and Art Theory Through Incidental Learning

Our games are much more rewarding than test-style programs that feature pop-up questions students must solve before continuing. Intrusive tests block you from having fun. We try to infuse education into our games to make them so entertaining that you don’t even realize you’re learning. That’s key.

Cork The Volcano

Entertainment While Learning

With over 120 levels, Cork The Volcano is an action-packed, entertaining journey with forgiving gameplay that guides your child to victory while having a blast.

Perseverance To Succeed

Develop your child's sensitivity to the balance between being organized and creative by problem solving through Cork's worlds. Early experiences of trial and error, which inevitably leads to success and failure, are the building blocks of confidence and perseverance.

Skills To Stand On

Coding is built on developing the use of logic and sequencing, which instills in your child confidence in their ability to solve challenges of any kind.

Abacus Finch

Math Legitimacy, Yet Real Gaming

This 60-level and more than 40 hour game teaches addition, subtraction, composition, decomposition, and sequencing, intervals, and balancing aligned with educational standards for the Common Core and P-21 Framework for 21st Century Learning.

Making Number Mastery Fun

Teachers reported to us that students struggle in math the most with composition of numbers. For example, students often think "7" is composed of "3 + 4" but don't realize there are many combinations, such as "1 + 6" or "5 + 2".

Blasting Math Struggles and Advancing Future Confidence

Focusing on each number's varied compositions is the basis for Abacus Finch. Each level takes a different number from 1 to 20 and explores them.

Swatch Out
Art Theory Game

We Live In A World Of Design

Everything from Software to Buildings require design and there are never a shortage of design careers. Have your child learn how colors are made, how they are mixed and matched, and the way they see the world through creative lenses will enrich any experience they approach.

Imagine A Coloring Book Your Child Can't Put Down

Each world in the Swatch Out game focuses on different aspects of color theory. The 80 levels of gameplay help Pizza Swigglesworth change his color to match and eliminate enemies, helping your child master colors.