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By Digital

Exciting Video Games That Teach Core Pillars Of Education Including: Coding, Math, Art, Chemistry, and Music.

Puzzlets In Schools Digitally Limited Offer

No Hardware Required

Accessible On Any Digital Platform

New Games For Chemistry And Music Coming Soon

Hi! I am Jacob Hanchar, Founder of Digital Dream Labs.

It's a great time at Digital Dream Labs.

Some great things have been happening at the speed of light here at Digital Dream Labs. We are now live with our digital platform eliminating the need for any hardware, as many of you have been requesting for a while now. Our Chemistry game is coming out in the next couple of months, and we have partnered with a Grammy nominated production group to create a game teaching Music.

Jacob Hanchar, Ph.D.

Founder, CEO

Digital Dream Labs

Sold out

Sold out

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What is the difference in the digital platform? 

The games teach the same skills in the same amazingly fun way with all of the same functionality, you just do not need the Puzzlets Board anymore. This allows you to get all of the licenses for kids that you want and not have to keep track of hardware.

What if we need help setting it up?

We are only a phone call away and our friendly team is happy to help.

What if we want some hardware units?

Give us a call or put your information in the form above and we will set you up.