Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions regarding Vector's status and where we plan to take him from here.

Vector's Current Status & Future Direction
Q: Who is Digital Dream Labs?
A: Digital Dream Labs is a small company based in Pennsylvania that has a deep focus in STEM learning and robotics. We take pride in working to advance robotics in ways that solve the challenges of humanity.

Q: What is the status of Vector right now?
A: Vector was developed by Anki in 2018. Anki lost a critical round of funding in 2019, and is no longer in business. Digital Dream Labs purchased the rights to Vector, Cozmo, and Overdrive in December 2019 and has been maintaining server access for these products. Vector had a successful round of crowdfunding via a Kickstarter campaign to help him to relaunch under the banner of Digital Dream Labs, and we’re excited to add new features and capabilities to your favorite robots! These updates are scheduled for summer and fall of 2020.

Q: Do you repair Vectors, Cozmos, or Overdrive sets?
A: The short answer is, “Not yet.” Currently, Digital Dream Labs is working on spinning up repair options for Cozmo, Vector, and Overdrive. However, these efforts are currently impacted by COVID-19 and we do not definitively know when we will be able to offer replacement or repair of robots. DDL will announce when we have updates in this area. Thank you very much for your patience in the meantime.

Q: I missed the Kickstarter. Is there another way can I get the Kickstarter rewards?
A: Yes! You can still purchase Kickstarter rewards at a discounted price until May 13th. After that time, Vector updates will be available for a small monthly fee and the rewards offered by the Kickstarter will no longer be discounted. Please visit the link below to order before May 13th. Each reward level is described further below in “Rewards” section of this FAQ.

Post-Kickstarter Order Link:

Q: Is a membership required to get updates for Vector?
A: Yes, a membership for each Vector is required to receive updates or to use voice commands with Vector. You may purchase this via the Lifetime Access package as a one-time payment, or you can subscribe for $7 a month. The servers use Amazon Lex to process voice commands. Each voice query is charged to us, and we are receiving 20 million voice queries per month. The subscription service will also help to employ great engineers to make updates for Vector. Thanks for your support! We hope you enjoy the new features.

Q: How do I update Vector?
A: He updates all by himself! Vector automatically checks for updates every hour and applies updates once per day between 1am and 5am.

Q: What is the current Vector firmware version?
A: The current version is v1.6.0.3331. You can check this in the Vector Robot app by clicking Settings > Updates.

Q: When are updates coming for Vector?
A: Our first update is scheduled for release in May, with more coming after that in the summer and fall. Thanks for your patience; we know you'll love the new features!

Q: I have a problem with an order. How can I contact you?
A: Please email us at for order issues.

Surveys & Serial Number Registrations
Q: I am a Kickstarter backer, and I never received the email with a link to the survey. Where can I fill it out and submit my serial numbers?
A: The survey email may have been filtered into your Spam or Junk folders in your inbox. Please check there first. If you still do not see the email, please log in at and look for the red banner at the top of the screen with a "Complete Survey" button.

NOTE: If you do not see the “Complete Survey” button or the red banner, then a reward level was not selected when the pledge was made. Please email us at with your email address and Kickstarter backer number, and we can help you get this resolved. Please allow 2-3 days to receive a response, as we are working through a large number of requests.

Q: I made a purchase from the Post-Kickstarter reward purchase page, and there was no place to enter my serial number!
A: Our team is small, but dedicated- right now we are focused on bringing you new features and updates, and we’re still receiving large amounts of questions and support requests. Your patience is appreciated while we work through the backlog. If it has been more than 5 days since your order and you still have not received your survey, please email us: "".

Available Rewards
Q: What are the rewards that I can pre-purchase?
A: There are quite a few! Here is a list:

1. Lifetime Server Access (Est. Delivery May 2020):
Your Vector robot(s) will be updated with the latest features and premium services as soon as they’re available. This reward is for the standard user who enjoys Vector as a household companion but does not have interest in programming him. This non-transferable license is good for one Vector**, and lasts for his lifetime. Also included is a lifetime 20% discount off all Digital Dream Labs products, including merch or other goods!

2. Escape Pod (Est. Delivery Sep. 2020):
The Escape Pod will allow Vector to function without any external servers, and is an insurance policy if Digital Dream Labs is no longer able to maintain Vector. This level is good for those who are concerned that server access would discontinue in the future, or for those hobbyists who want to use their own infrastructure, server, etc. The user will be able to bypass the current app and use other apps that the community may generate. Also included with the Escape Pod is 1 non-transferable Vector lifetime update membership**, as well as 20% off any future Digital Dream Labs products.
NOTE: If activated, Vector will be more Cozmo-like, much more dependent on the app from the phone. Vector would retain his AI-like behavior when he is not connected to Wi-Fi. You will not be able to go back to a 'normal' Vector if you choose this option and activate the Escape Pod.

3. OSKR (Open Source Kit for Robots, Est. Delivery Aug. 2020):
The OSKR is for the hardcore hobbyist or developer who would like to create their own features and sell them to customers or sell them to us to license or sell to our users. Think of this being an "app store" for a robot. Community developers can then build what they want. This is a far deeper experience than a simple SDK. This will allow Vector more AI-like behavior and should accelerate machine learning. Also included is a lifetime membership for one Vector** and a 20% discount off all Digital Dream Labs products, including merch or other goods!

4. Escape Pod + OSKR + DDL Membership (Est. Delivery Sep. 2020):
Get everything: The Escape Pod, the Open Source Kit for Robots, and a Lifetime Digital Dream Labs Membership for one Vector**! Also includes 20% off any future Digital Dream Labs products.

5. Pre-Recorded Six Week Vector Boot Camp (Est. Delivery Jul. 2020):
Six one-hour sessions of deep dives into Vector's innermost workings.

6. Vector Certified Licensed Engineer Camp (Est. Delivery Sep. 2020):
Have you ever wondered what happens behind Vector's smile? Curious about the possibilities with Vector's Open Source Kit? Join our Boot Camp to become a Certified Licensed Vector Engineer:
1) Deep dive into Vector's root systems.
2) Understanding Vector's backend and cloud architecture.
3) Six week virtual Boot Camp, taught one hour a week.
4) Two day immersive session at Digital Dream Labs in Pittsburgh with hotel included.
5) VIP dinner with CEO Jacob Hanchar.
6) 2 free T-Shirts.
7) First access and Free OSKR and Escape Pod, plus 1 Lifetime Access membership**.

**As a promotional offer, Kickstarter pledges and website purchases prior to March 29th included lifetime access for up to 5 robots for levels 1 and 2, and lifetime access for up to 15 robots for purchase tiers 3 through 5. Purchases made after March 29, 2020 will include 1 Vector license per tier.