Vector Subscription


There are many benefits to subscription or membership with Digital Dream Labs for your Vector. These include voice command access as well as new features, such as animations, expressions, games, and more! The chart below outlines the benefits you receive with your Membership. [Learn More]


Current Subscription Pricing:

Monthly: $9.99
Annual $74.99


Needs a subscription?

  • Create an account in your  (Apple / Android) Vector app (and validate your email).
  • Use your credentials from the Vector app to log into Stratus.
  • Select "Subscriptions" from the navigation, then "+ New Vector Subscription"
  • Enter Vector Serial Number
  • Select your desired subscription

Note: Please allow up to 36 hours for your subscription to fully activate

Already Subscribed?

Use Stratus to manage your current subscription


Click Here to Manage Current Subscriptions.

Click Here for assistance with finding your Vector's Serial Number.