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December 17, 2016

The 2016 Toy Buying Guide For Kids Learning How To Code

“Learning to code has gained a place at the top of so many parent’s minds. Not long ago, I wrote about how important it is to approach these toys as one would approach a key investment. That is, we should be truly interested, stay informed, and enter a community to further engage in learning…” Read Article.



November 7, 2016

Review: Puzzlets and Cork the Volcano Offers Creative Gaming and Coding

“Puzzlets offer a great experience for kids who like to play games on a device. The game is fun and challenging plus they will need to activate their grey matter to work out the moves for their character. We think it is really interesting to combine coding and playing a game in the way Puzzlets provides…” Read Article.



August 8, 2016

The Innovation Project: Matt Stewart & Justin Sabo

“While most people would be hesitant to leave a steady job to pursue a start-up, Sabo’s leap is paying off. Since its launch, Digital Dream Labs has received additional funding from the Urban Redevelopment Authority and has been featured in…” Read Article.



June 20, 2016

Cork the Volcano Earns “Outstanding” Rating From The EdTech Roundup

“If you’re looking for a new and engaging approach to helping students become more familiar with computational thinking and programming skills, I absolutely recommend checking out the Puzzlets Play Tray and Cork the Volcano. Not only is the experience incredibly fun and enjoyable, but students will also be able to practice…” Read Review.



June 12, 2016

Puzzlets Awarded Teachers With Apps’ “Top Pick” & “Badge of Excellence”

“The effort and work involved in producing Puzzlets is commendable. Along with an incredibly detailed teacher’s guide, there is also a suggested curriculum, complete with handouts…” Read Review.



April 4, 2016

11 STEM Toys that Teach Kids to Code (for Toddlers to Teens)

“No doubt you’ve read about the sad state of STEM fields, especially where girls & women are concerned. What’s to be done? One solution is to get kids interested in STEM early via play, by hooking them up with some rad STEM toys…” See Shopping Guide.



December 17, 2015

4 Gift Ideas to Teach Young Kids How to Code

“Kids place tiles in [the Play Tray] and use them to program the movements of a character through a game. Pictures on the tiles depict various directions, characters and other movements, so reading isn’t required…” See Shopping Guide.



December 17, 2015

There’s a New Crop of Coding Toys for Techie Tykes

“Want even your younger kids to join the tech revolution by learning to code? Maybe you should get them a robot — or at least a video game. That’s the aim of entrepreneurs behind new coding toys for kids as young as 6. They’re spurred by a desire to get children interested in computer science…” Read Article.



December 15, 2015

11 Clever Toys to Make STEM Fun for Your Kids

“Using the interactive Play Tray, kids become their own game developers with Puzzlets. The toy uses program tiles that respond in real-time on your tablet. Kids can handcraft the characters’ moves…” See Shopping Guide.



December 15, 2015

Best Stem Toy of 2015: Puzzlets

“The jury’s still out on this one, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say that computers are going to be a pretty big deal in the future. There are a lot of great tools out there if you want to get your kid started down the STEM path early, but Puzzlets is really something special…” See Shopping Guide.



December 5, 2015

The Toys that Will Actually Teach Your Girls Engineering Skills

“I chose Puzzlets for this guide because it allows kids to code using actual blocks on a bluetooth-powered tray instead of a screen. This hands-on approach is more multi-sensory in nature, thus enabling children to learn faster…” See Shopping Guide.



November 16, 2015

The Good Housekeeping Toy Awards 2015

“It’s coding disguised as play: “Code” the character’s actions with programming tiles, then play the game you created, mastering moves and unlocking the puzzle…” See Shopping Guide.



November 15, 2015

Puzzlets is a Seal of Approval Winner — Holiday 2015

“After two full months of testing, raves were the only kind of reviews we received about Puzzlets. Parents were absolutely over the moon about the completely unique toy / gaming experience…” Read Review.



November 9, 2015

Popular Mechanics Toy Awards: the 33 Best Toys of the Year

“This combination video game and puzzle teaches problem solving skills, and even basic coding and programming. Download [Cork the Volcano] to a tablet or smartphone, and players direct on-screen characters through levels by placing different command tiles…” See Shopping Guide.



August 20, 2015

Toys That Teach the Basics of Coding

“In some ways, [Cork the Volcano] is similar to classics like “Super Mario Bros.” or “Sonic the Hedgehog.” Just as in those early games, your Puzzlets character has to run and jump its way around various obstacles…” See Shopping Guide.



June 3, 2015

12 Games that Teach Kids to Code — and Are Even Fun

“What sets [Puzzlets] apart from many other products currently available is not only its combination of the physical and digital worlds but also the way it fosters collaboration…” See Shopping Guide.



March 2, 2015

10 Cool Tech Toys Coming in 2015

“With cute characters and an exciting goal of saving an island from an evil force, [Puzzlets] is a great way to introduce children to coding and logical thinking…” See Shopping Guide.



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