Easier on Mac

If possible, use a Mac for firmware updating. The process is simplified and everything you need is in one self-contained app downloaded from the App Store.

Progress Bar Not Moving?
  1. Close the Puzzlets Firmware Updater app
  2. Unplug the Play Tray
  3. Hold the reset button for 5 seconds, using a paperclip, on the upper-left of the Play Tray then release. The light will flash purple
  4. Open the Puzzlets Firmware Updater app
  5. Click “Check for Updates” button in the Puzzlets Firmware Updater app but do NOT connect the Play Tray to the computer just yet
  6. When the app asks if the Play Tray is connected, it’s time to connect the Play Tray back into the computer
  7. Click “Update” button
Check for Faulty USB Connection
  1. Use another micro USB cable and try connecting again. These cables are the most common cables in almost all portable electronics. Note that Apple Lightning cables are not USB micro.
  2. On your PC, open “Devices and Printers”, which can be searched for in the Start Menu.
  3. Under “Other Devices” there should be “Digital Dream Labs Play Tray USB”
USB Connection Found, Still Cannot Connect
  1. Click on the start button in the bottom left corner and type in “Devices and Printers”
  2. Open the menu and look for the “Digital Dream Labs Play Tray USB
  3. If the COM number assigned to the Play Tray is greater than COM10 (i.e. COM12, COM23), you will need to remove some devices from the list until you have COM8 or lower listed.
  4. Remove USB COM devices

Install COM Remover Program

4A. Download USB COM Port Remover Program
4B. Choose the Win32 or x64 version based on 32 or 64 bit Windows
4C. Right-click on “DeviceCleanup” and choose to Run as Administrator

Removing Extra COM Devices

4D. With the columns at the top, click on “Class” to sort by the type of device
4E. You are looking for things in the “Ports” class. I have 4 Play Tray devices (COM3,4,8,9) and one other.
4F. If I select 3 of the 4 Play Tray COM devices and right-click, there is an option to delete the device. This will free that number up for re-use with another Play Tray.
4G. Continue to remove devices until the highest COM device on the list is COM8.
4H. Connecting the Play Tray will make it COM9, which is the highest COM port a Play Tray can have and still be recognized by Windows
4I. Proceed with caution if you are removing other devices to free up slots. If you remove them, you may need to reinstall them/drivers the next time you go to use them. I usually just delete the Play Tray’s so that I can use the updater.

Still Experiencing USB Connection Issues?

If you are still experiencing connection issues after following these instructions, email customer support or call 724.305.4314