Troubleshooting Mac Firmware Updater

Progress Bar Not Moving?

  1. Close the Puzzlets Firmware Updater app
  2. Unplug the Play Tray
  3. Hold the reset button for 5 seconds, using a paperclip, on the upper-left of the Play Tray then release. The light will flash purple
  4. Open the Puzzlets Firmware Updater app
  5. Click “Check for Updates” button in the Puzzlets Firmware Updater app but do NOT connect the Play Tray to the computer just yet
  6. When the app asks if the Play Tray is connected, it’s time to connect the Play Tray back into the computer
  7. Click “Update” button

Check for Faulty USB Connection

  1. Use another micro USB cable. These cables are the most common cables in almost all portable electronics. Note that Apple Lightning cables are not USB micro.
  2. Verify the USB connection is active on your Mac:
Mac USB Check
  • Connector.

    Open Terminal App

    You can find this in your Applications folder.

  • Connector.

    Enter Command in Terminal

    “system_profiler SPUSBDataType”

  • Connector.

    Check Information

    You are looking for a Product ID: 0x097d. If you do not see this, use the customer support link below.

Still Experiencing USB Connection Issues?

If you are still experiencing connection issues after following these instructions, email customer support or call 724.305.4314