Troubleshooting Playing on Macs

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    Update Play Tray

    • Before troubleshooting your device, make sure that your Play Tray is running the latest version of firmware. Please review our Firmware Updater Guide to ensure you are up to date.

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    Must Use USB & OSX 10.8+

    Play Trays only work on Mac OSX 10.8+. Every Mac in the past few years runs at least OSX 10.8+

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    Unplug The Play Tray

    Make sure the Play Tray is disconnected from your Mac.

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    Use a paperclip to press the reset button on the top left of the Play Tray.

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    Close App

    If you are in full-screen mode, press the escape key to quit any Puzzlets app (i.e. Cork the Volcano).

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    Plug In The Play Tray

    Use the USB cable to connect your Play Tray.

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    Open App

    Open any Puzzlets app and see if the app automatically connects to the Play Tray. If not, continue to step 6.

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    Check for Faulty USB Cable

    Use another micro USB cable. You can test USB cables on other devices you know work. USB micro cables are very common for all devices that contain rechargeable batteries.

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    Check for Faulty USB Connection

    Use a working micro USB cable (outlined in step 6), then perform a USB check on your Mac:

Mac USB Check
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    Open Terminal App

    You can find this in your Applications folder.

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    Enter Command in Terminal

    “system_profiler SPUSBDataType”

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    Check Results for Product ID

    You are looking for Product ID: 0x097d. If you do not see this, use the link below to contact customer support


Troubleshooting USB Connection

If you are still experiencing connection issues after following these instructions, email customer support or call 724.305.4314