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    Update Play Tray

    • Before troubleshooting your device, make sure that your Play Tray is running the latest version of firmware. Please review our Firmware Updater Guide to ensure you are up to date.

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    Do Not Attempt to Pair

    Puzzlets games will automatically search for the Play Tray when loaded. Do not look at your phone/tablet’s nearby Bluetooth devices, just use the app for automatic pairing.

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    Verify Compatible Devices

    Only use a compatible tablet or phone. iPad 1 and 2 are NOT compatible.

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    Full Reset

    Use a paperclip to press the reset button on the top left of the Play Tray.

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    Make Sure Bluetooth is On

    Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on BEFORE launching Cork the Volcano. If Bluetooth is off, the app will prompt you to turn it on in via a pop-up window or in Settings > Bluetooth.

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    Close Cork the Volcano App

    Close Cork the Volcano app on mobile devices. (This generally fixes issues after updating or resetting the Play Tray.)
    iPhone / iPad: double-tap HOME button then swipe up on the Cork the Volcano window.
    Android: app closing guide for Android devices.

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    Reset Your Device

    If steps 1-5 have not solved the problem, try turning the device completely off then on again.
    iPhone / iPad: hold the HOME and LOCK buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.
    Android: hold down the POWER button to open the Device Options dialog then tap POWER OFF.

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    Charge Play Tray

    10 minutes (minimum) or about 1 and a half hours to fully charge.

Still Experiencing Bluetooth Connection Issues?

If you are still experiencing connection issues after following these instructions, email customer support or call 724.305.4314