We offer Two Warranties and a Trade-In Option!

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30 Day Warranty

We offer a 30 day warranty for all Play Trays, as long as they have not been damaged or drawn on. If you want to replace your Play Tray, you can submit our trade-in form here. (Requires proof of purchase).

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

We also offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty for all Play Trays. Within a year of the purchase date, if your Play Tray malfunctions as a result of a manufacturer's error, you can replace it. To start the process, fill out our trade-in form here.  (Requires proof of purchase).

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Was Your Play Tray Purchased More Than 1 Year Ago?

Don't Worry, Play Trays Can Still Be Exchanged!

If the warranties for your Play Tray have already expired, or your Play Tray was damaged, you can still exchange it. Let us know what the issue was, and we will give you a $45 credit for your next Play Tray. Just fill out our Trade-In form, and we will begin the process of getting you a new Play Tray.  (Requires proof of purchase).