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Puzzlets NSF SBIR grant funding awarded

Cork the Volcano


Cork the Volcano is platformer-style game designed to build coding confidence and encourage kids to think like a programmer.

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Abacus Finch (new)

MATH (K-2)

Abacus Finch is a platformer-style game designed around sequencing, composition & decomposition of numbers 1-20.

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Swatch Out! (new)

ART (K-2)

Swatch Out! is an arcade-style game designed around the fundamental elements of color theory: warm, cools, tints, & shades.

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Digital and Physical play for STEAM learning in grades K-2

Puzzlets is a physical bluetooth accessory for your tablet or computer, that is used to play Puzzlets-specific games. Each game focuses on a traditionally “challenging” STEAM subject, such as coding, math, or color theory. 

Introducing, interactive games for kids with Puzzlets for developmental, digital, and intrinsic skills. Built upon 21st Century Skills and Habits of the Mind, Puzzlets is the only hands-on gaming system included in CSforAll.

Teachers Love Puzzlets

Puzzlets combines hands-on play with interactive gaming. Teaching the player new ways of thinking about coding and STEAM topics, children are prepared for a world of programming.

"Puzzlets and Cork the Volcano are a great way to introduce teachers to the education of coding. It is fun, easy to use, and comforting to the “less techie.” - Todd, Technology Coordinator"Cork the Volcano helps students learn to take time for planning, self-reflection and will also help build their self-esteem." - Sam, Kindergarten Teacher

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