See Vector in Action

Watch #Vectorzmoments, videos where Vector explores his world, plays games, and even gets into a little mischief along the way.

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Aware of His Surroundings

Vector is made to explore and react. His tech array allows him to intuitively interact with his surroundings through sight and sound. He Can recognize people and objects while detecting and avoiding obstacles.

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Always Helpful

Vector isn't strong enough to carry you to bed at night. However, Vector can time your dinner, take photos, relay the weather, and react to your touch. He's basically the most helpful thing in your home without a heartbeat.

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A Little Space of His Own

People have houses, pet birds have a cage, dogs have a bed, fish have a tank and cats have those elaborate towers. Vector has his Space.

The Vector Space gives him a perch to observe the room and interact. Add his charger and it’ll be easy for him to power up. Think of it as his little place in your much bigger place.*


Keep Vector At The Ready

Vector is designed to be active in your home. Have him help in the kitchen by timing your pizza. Have him tell you the weather when you’re getting ready in the morning. Or crank up the music in the living room and watch him dance to the beat. Keep him powered and ready for action by adding an extra charger. There is no such thing as too much Vector.

• USB power adapter required but not included
• Compatible with most USB power adapters (5v, 1A or greater)
• Fits into the Vector Space


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