What You Need
To Know

Monstrous Molecules follows the story of renowned scientists Gregory and Victoria as they fight to close a series of mysterious gateways. Will they be able to overcome the hoards of monsters awaiting them in the dungeons or find themselves the victims of an experiment gone awry?

Inspired by a love of science, Monstrous Molecules combines gameplay elements from classic dungeon-crawler games with elementary chemistry. Players combine various elements to create the tools that our heroes will need to stop the destructive monsters lurking in each chamber.

Monstrous Molecules is available for purchase on Steam. For help using Steam or activating a Steam key, please take a look here.


How Does It

Compose projectiles and abilities out of elements like hydrogen and oxygen to make water, or heating a benzene ring to make fire.
Discover the weaknesses of each enemy and avoid attacks while traversing each chamber.
Travel across your scientist's lab, a deep forest, ancient ruins, and labyrinths to find the source of all this and put a stop to it.
Send out projectiles, evade attacks, learn enemy patterns, and collect fragments to reach boss rooms.
Solve puzzles, avoid traps, and discover each chamber just as a scientist would.
Fight over 12 bosses in 7 dungeons and discover dozens of enemies.